Sustainability isn’t an option, an abstract idea, or something extra we throw in to the mix. It is everything. It is ensuring life for the future. Is what we are doing sustainable? Can it go on forever? This is something we have to ask in everything we do. We need to keep our children’s children in our hearts as we make decisions.

We are committed to existing in the natural harmony of people and nature through cultural, ecosystem, and economic preservation. We are a part of nature and a part of a greater whole that works together.

Some ways we live this out are:

We will offset the carbon use of your trip either through a carbon offset organization or in the future by directly supporting more renewable, reducing energy use, education, and native tree planting.

We provide local jobs for many people through trekking and tourism directly and indirectly so that fewer families are split up as people migrate to cities and other countries in search of employment. This migration places hardship on village families and natural resources

Our Treks help instill a sense of pride in the culture and environment of the local people

Many of the community lodges use solar and wind power for electricity and water filtration as well as composting toilets

We support community projects such as women’s skill development, paper making, cheese making, knitting hand bags and yak farming

We don’t use plastic bottles and instead purify our own water

Some ways we hope to improve are:

Moving towards more energy efficient and renewable form of transportation within Nepal such as biodiesel and electric

Using only Organic and Locally grown foods

Creating holistic retreats and internal treks for health and spiritual renewal

Become Zero Waste by eliminating non compostable and non recyclable packaging

We are always open to new ideas so please contact us if you have suggestions or questions!